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At Your Furniture Online we offer a large and practical collection of children’s furniture. If it is affordable children’s furniture you’re looking for then you’ll find it at Your Furniture Online, with competitively priced, high quality ranges available.  

Our discount children’s furniture encompasses kid’s beds, storage and mattresses. Our selection also features two specific children’s ranges, both of which are painted white and designed to suit your child’s needs as they grow. White is complimentary colour for a child’s bedroom, as it allows you to build on the décor with bright accessories.

At Your Furniture Online we aim to provide the cheapest price on children’s bedroom furniture which is crafted to exceptional standards and is built to last. Our children’s mattresses are available on an express delivery service with many different styles available. Our sprung mattresses are incredibly supportive and our reflex foam mattresses mould to the shape of the body so they induce a restful sleep.

Browse our full range of competitively priced childrens furniture below. 


Kids Bedroom Furniture

The range of kids bedroom furniture from Your Furniture Online is exceptional. We stock a fine selection of childrens bedroom furniture crafted from oak and pine in a choice of wood or painted pine finishes. Our oak kids bedroom furniture is made from the finest oaks and crafted into solid, well constructed pieces of bedroom furniture that are built to withstand the wear and tear of daily life. The selection includes oak childrens bedroom furniture in collections which include beds, wardrobes, bedside cabinets, chests and blanket boxes all in stunning designs that will transform a child’s bedroom. Our pine kids bedroom furniture selection is even more extensive. Solid pine is presented in a choice of finishes.

If natural pine is your preference then both waxed and lacquer finished pine childrens bedroom furniture is available in great designs that are ideal for the kids. We also stock a wide range of painted pine kids bedroom furniture. Some collections offer a fully painted finish in a choice of colours, while others include a charming two tone effect with the use of painted pine and contrast wooden tops and detailing. Pine childrens bedroom furniture includes beds, nightstands, wardrobes, chests and dressing tables with matching stools and mirrors, all expertly crafted with the intent of providing solid furniture that will last well beyond childhood. If you are looking for high quality childrens bedroom furniture that will look good and maintain its solid structure for years to come then Your Furniture Online is the place to be.

Childrens Bed Frame 

A childrens bed frame is the most important part of a child’s bedroom. At Your Furniture Online we specialise in high quality childrens beds which are constructed from a variety of solid timbers and other materials into stylish and well made pieces of furniture. With a kids bed frame, durability is vital. With that in mind we stock only childrens beds that are built to last. We have one French inspired collection of British made furniture which includes a wonderfully elegant childrens bed frame an ornate headboard and matching high footend design. Available in a choice of five painted colour finishes, this collection is crafted exclusively from solid, sustainably forested Scandinavian pine. We stock childrens beds in designs to suit kids of all ages, so for a kids bed frame of outstanding quality, browse the range at Your Furniture Online.

Childrens Blanket Box

A childrens blanket box can be both a stylish and practical piece of furniture. A childrens bedroom can become a very cluttered place and a childrens blanket box and can be used for more than just blankets. At Your Furniture Online we stock a wide selection of children blanket boxes crafted from a range of fine materials into designs that will complement any child’s bedroom. We have pine childrens blanket boxes that are available with both a waxed or lacquered pine finish for those who prefer their wood to be natural. We also stock a number of childrens blanket boxes with a selection of coloured painted pine finishes and one of our white painted childrens collections also comes with the choice of an optional pink or blue coloured accent on the childrens blanket box. If stylish and functional childrens bedroom furniture is what you are looking for then you have come to the right place.

Childrens Trunk

A childrens trunk can be a magical item of furniture in a child’s bedroom. Whilst often intended for blankets and bedroom linen, a childrens trunk will often become a treasure chest of toys and games around which a child’s life evolves. At Your Furniture Online a number of our collections feature a childrens trunk. Our range is crafted from the finest pine timbers into designs intended to enhance any childrens bedroom. We stock a pine childrens trunk presented in a waxed or lacquered pine finish. Alternatively we have other collections which offer a pine childrens trunk in a painted finish. Some collections offer a choice of coloured paint finish, while others feature a charming two tone effect using painted pine and solid wood tops and detailing made from contrast ash or oak. For a selection of childrens bedroom furniture which includes a childrens trunk for every bedroom, see the range from Your Furniture Online.

Childrens Bookcase

A childrens bookcase can be an important part of a child’s formative years. Its contents will often determine the extent to which a child enjoys reading in later life and so a childrens bookcase in the bedroom can make a significant difference to a child’s development. At Your Furniture Online we stock a selection of childrens bookcases which will not only help to furnish a child’s bedroom with stylish and high quality furniture, but also to ignite their passion for reading in the years to come. A pine childrens bookcase is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes so that no matter how much space you have, there will be a childrens bookcase that will fit perfectly. Pine designs are available in a selection of pine or painted pine finishes so that you can find just the right colour to match you child’s bedroom. One collection of white pine furniture also features the option of a pink or blue coloured accent, which offers a further personal touch.

Childrens Mirror

Many of our bedroom collections feature a childrens mirror which can be a great addition to a child’s bedroom. Available in collections with matching dressing tables, a childrens mirror is a great way to add a touch of style to the bedroom. We have single plate mirrors and a selection of triple mirrors which give a greater perspective when styling hair and applying make up. Most of our selection are crafted from pine and come with a choice of pine or painted pine finishes. One of our collections which feature a childrens mirror is available in both waxed and lacquered pine depending on your preference. Another is available with a choice of five coloured paint finishes enabling you to find the perfect childrens mirror for you.

Childrens Chest of Drawers

A childrens chest of drawers is a must for any child’s bedroom. Stylish and functional, the childrens chest of drawers from Your Furniture Online are expertly crafted to withstand the daily wear and tear of a child’s life while providing useful storage space in an often cluttered environment. We have a selection of pine childrens chest of drawers available in any manner of shape and size to ensure that there will always be one that fits perfectly in the bedroom. From a single stack of drawers in a white painted finish to a low and wide childrens chest of drawers in a waxed pine finish, whatever style of chest you are looking for, you are certain to find it here.

Childrens Painted Pine Furniture

Childrens painted pine furniture is a great solution to childrens bedroom furniture. Not only is it clean and stylish in appearance, it is also very low maintenance which ensures a lasting piece of quality furniture that will retain its beauty for years to come. Our range of painted pine childrens furniture includes beds, wardrobes, chests, dressing tables and childrens trunks crafted from the finest pines and presented in a selection of coloured painted pine finishes. One of our collections of painted pine childrens furniture features stunning designs which are sure to please the kids and are available with the option of a blue or pink coloured accent which allows you to further personalise the collection to your specific tastes. Other collections come in a choice of up to five different coloured finishes so that no matter what colour of painted pine childrens furniture you are looking for, Your Furniture Online is the place to find it.

Childrens Painted Pine Beds

Childrens painted pine beds are a great way to furnish their bedroom in high quality furniture without breaking the bank. Pine is not only a solid material which is great for furniture construction, it is also a very versatile material which enables manufacturers to apply various painted finishes which further enhance an already beautiful timber. We stock childrens painted pine beds in a variety of designs to suit children of all ages. From an ornate French inspired collection of white childrens painted pine beds with stylish headboard and matching high foot end design, to a more contemporary design available in a selection of five colour paints; the selection of childrens painted pine beds from Your Furniture Online is unrivalled.

Childrens Wardrobes

Childrens wardrobes are an essential item in any child’s bedroom. We stock a selection of childrens wardrobes which is sure to please. Crafted from a range of the finest materials, we have high quality childrens wardrobes that are built to last. From painted pine to solid oak, the selection of childrens wardrobes at Your Furniture Online includes something for everyone. From a single one door childrens wardrobe which is perfect for tight spaces, to a much larger three door childrens wardrobe with storage drawers, whatever you are looking for in a wardrobe you are certain to find it here.


Fun Kids Bedroom Furniture for All Ages


At Your Furniture Solutions, we provide our customers with access to high quality, durable furniture for affordable prices. We know that you want to be able to give your child the fun bedroom that they want, and so our quality kids’ bedroom furniture comes in a range of shapes and sizes for you to pick and choose the furniture you want to design your child a perfect room.


Space Saving Bedroom Furniture for Kids


Children’s bedrooms don’t have to be cluttered and cramped; with our help, you can create an open bedroom full of space for your child to play in with our kids bedroom storage furniture. Not only will all of your child’s toys have a space in their room to be stored away at the end of the day, but with funky kids bedroom furniture like this, your child is bound to be entertained.

A Selection of Dressing Tables for Kids


The perfect addition to any little girls’ room, we firmly believe that every little girl should own an attractive, durable kids dressing table with mirrors and a stool. This is why we provide all of our customers with access to an ever growing range of natural wood and white kids dressing tables, so you can give your child the perfect bedroom.


Stools and Mirrors with Your Kids Dressing Table


These aren’t toy kids dressing tables; these are real dressing tables that can last for years with your child. Matching stools and mirrors can be bought along with these tables to improve your child’s experience with their new dressing table. As a complete set, these tables can provide your daughter with a prop for her games, an attractive storage space for little knick knack, and the perfect place to sit her smaller dolls and toys.

Durable Beds and Headboards for Kids


If you’re wondering where to buy kids furniture, then you’ve come to the right place. At Your Furniture Solutions, we provide all of our customers with access to a large selection of attractive and long lasting furniture. Head boards and beds in particular have to be able to endure the test of time and your child’s rambunctiousness.


Kids Bed Headboards in a Range of Finishes


When you buy natural wood headboards from us, you are given a choice of finish; you can choose to paint or varnish your natural wood headboard to five it the perfect finish. No matter what you choose, these headboards will come out looking as attractive as ever, and no less durable then it was before it was painted.

Painted White Child’s Wardrobes and Drawers


If you’re looking for oak or pine child’s wardrobe, then at Your Furniture Solutions we can supply you with attractive varnished or painted wardrobes. White kids bedroom furniture can leave your kid’s room looking brighter and larger than darker tones will, and it will create an attractive playing space that your child will enjoy immensely. 


Large and Small Kids Wardrobes and Drawers


We supply our customers with a range of sizes when you’re looking for wardrobes and chest of drawers. Our large wardrobes with drawers are an ideal space to store your child’s clothes, especially if they have a love of dressing up; with these large wardrobes, you won’t run out of space quickly. If space in your kid’s bedroom is more important than in their wardrobe for you, then we also supply smaller chests of drawers that will leave a lot of room and can also be used to hold toys on top.

Ideal Bedroom Furniture for Kids


Our modern kids bedroom furniture sets are not just bright and attractive. All of the furniture we supply for our customers is delivered from manufacturers that are dedicated to providing only high quality, well-made furniture that won’t be easily worn down. Whether you’re looking for a kids single bed or a large chest of drawers, we will provide you with durable furniture.


Delivery of Kids Bedroom Furniture UK Wide


No matter where in the UK you live, our reliable delivery service will deliver to you. If you’re buying just one piece or a whole kids bedroom furniture collection, this efficient service will be able to reach you. We always consider our customers satisfaction the top priority, and so we’re dedicated to helping you improve your shopping experience in any way possible. We’re open to all feedback to improve our services even more in the future.

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